Direct Deposit Allocation Monitoring

DDA Monitoring released in beta. To support this new feature we've made the following modifications to REST API endpoints and webhook events:

  • Modified REST API endpoints:
    • Changed Get Account and List Accounts
      • New data fields, data_refreshed_at and data_updated_at, indicating when direct deposit allocation data was last refreshed or updated.
    • Changed Create Link Token
      • New optional account_id request parameter.
      • required_jobs is optional if account_id is provided.
    • Changed Get Direct Deposit Allocations
      • New data field, updated_at, indicating when the data last changed.
      • New meta field with sub-property refreshed_at indicating when the data was last checked for changes.
  • New REST API endpoints:
  • Modified webhook events:
    • Changed accounts.added
      • New connected field in the payload indicating if DDA Monitoring will be run for an account.
  • New webhook events:

New Link client event login_attempt added. The event fires when the user submits a login attempt for the first time. The following table lists the SDKs and minimum versions required to receive the change.

SDKMinimum Version
React Native2.3.2