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New mobile SDK versions: higher conversion, uptime, and stability

We're thrilled to announce the latest version of our iOS, Android, and React Native SDKs!

This is a minor version change; no API contracts were changed.

If you use our mobile SDK, upgrade to the latest patch of the new minor version.

  • iOS - 2.4
  • Android - 2.4
  • React Native - 2.5


While you'll find that our familiar API contract remains unchanged, there's a host of improvements that make this upgrade indispensable:

Enhanced Redundancy: 🛡️ We've fortified our systems, ensuring smoother recovery from integration failures for a significant percentage of our traffic.

Superior Uptime: 🦾 Reliability is a top priority. This upgrade brings even more robust uptime for DDS integrations.

Increased Conversion: ↗️ We are leveraging system level features to increase conversion.

Easy Upgrade: 🥧 No changes were made to the API contract. Easy as pie.

Note: On iOS, a binary is now published instead of source code.