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Upgrade iOS SDK to 2.3.15

Updated iOS SDK version to 2.3.15 to include the following additions:

Has Potential Paystubs Documents

The paystubs.added webhook] params now have a new field, has_potential_paystubs_documents indicating whether there may be a paystubs.documents.added webhook forthcoming.

Card Switching

We've launched card switching, a way to give your users the option to add your card as a payout method to their payroll account. To enable this functionality for your workspace, contact [email protected].

Webhook Versioning

We have launched versioning for webhooks. We will now release a new dated API version when we make backwards-incompatible changes to our webhook events. For more information on API versioning, see the Change Management guide.

New API Version 2023-04-18

We have launched a new API version: 2023-04-18

[Beta] Verification Reports

We're introducing two new types of reports!

API Key Rotation

We've launched a new way to manage your Pinwheel API keys that now enables manual and programmatic key rotation. Programmatic key rotation is enabled by our new Admin API. See the API Key Rotation guide for details. In short, using either the Developer Dashboard or the Admin API, you can create multiple active keys (with optional expiration dates) and revoke keys.

Direct Deposit Forms (Beta)

We have launched a Direct Deposit Forms workflow as a fallback for failed direct deposit switch jobs. See the Direct Deposit Forms guide for more details and contact [email protected] to get this functionality enabled for your workspace.

Income Pay Frequency

Income data now includes a pay_frequency field which describes how often an employee is paid.

New dataNotRefreshable error

We added a new Job error code, dataNotRefreshable, to cover an edge case where data is available to be refreshed. For example, data may only be available when a user first logs in and provides an MFA code. This is different than dataNotAvailable which is returned when data is not available within the account at all.