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Hey! These docs are for version 2021-07-28, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2023-11-22!

New API Version 2023-11-22

We have launched a new API version: 2023-11-22!

Introducing Company Connect

Company Connect is a new product offering from Pinwheel. It provides an easy, efficient, and secure way to enable companies to make HR, employment, and income data available to the businesses that serve them.

Tags for Link tokens

You can now use the tags field when you create Link tokens to tag your tokens with key, value pairs. You can use these tags internally for tracking, token channel attribution, or other analytics.

Sunset notice for v2021-04-29 and v2021-07-28

On February 11, 2024, we will officially sunset two API versions:

Deposit Forms Link Token Configuration

We just added a new optional deposit_forms Link token field. This field specifies the pathway into the direct deposit forms flow - direct entry into the flow, as a fallback deposit method, or disabled entirely.

Minimum Amount for Direct Deposit Switch

We just added a new optional min_amount Link token field. This field is part of the allocation object and specifies a minimum amount the user can switch if they elect to do an amount switch.

New API Version 2023-07-18

We have launched a new API version: 2023-07-18

Document Uploads

We launched Document Uploads to allow end users to upload documents if they are unable to connect to their payroll account. To enable this feature, contact [email protected].

Upgrade iOS SDK to 2.3.15

Updated iOS SDK version to 2.3.15 to include the following additions:

Has Potential Paystubs Documents

The paystubs.added webhook] params now have a new field, has_potential_paystubs_documents indicating whether there may be a paystubs.documents.added webhook forthcoming.