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Hey! These docs are for version 2021-07-28, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 2023-07-18!

Test Console

Prior to diving in with development work, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Link in our Test Console. The Link Test Console lives in the developer dashboard and will allow you to create Link tokens and launch Pinwheel Link. The Test Console mimics Link token creation and allows you to see how different configurations affect the front-end UI. If you don't have access to the Developer Dashboard, please contact [email protected].

In Sandbox mode, you must use our Sandbox credentials. Live credentials will not work in Sandbox. In order to test with live payroll credentials, you can use our Development Environment.

Sandbox Credentials

In Sandbox mode, you can use the following credentials to test Link:

Company IDcompany_good
Email[email protected]
Last 4 of SSN1234
MFA codemfa_code
What street did you grow up on?pinwheel drive

*For USPS ONLY: Username value is "12345678"

For providers that support optional multifactor authentication (MFA), use the following credentials to test the MFA flow:

Email[email protected]

To test jobs with an outcome of error, use the following credentials:

Email[email protected]

To test jobs with an outcome of pending, use the following credentials:

Email[email protected]

In sandbox mode, jobs with a pending outcome will transition to an error outcome 60 seconds after the Link flow is completed. If you are subscribed to webhook events in Sandbox mode, you will first get an event with a pending outcome, followed by an event with an error outcome.

*Note that in production mode, jobs may remain pending until they are resolved for up to 24 hours.

On Demand Updates

You can mimic an On Demand Update experience by providing the account_id of an existing sandbox account when creating a Link token. This will show the happy path, e.g., no user input will be required, which occurs when monitoring_status is active.

If you're using the Test Console you can perform an On Demand Update by

  1. Connecting a new account. You should input your normal parameters; just ensure that the account_id field is empty.
  2. Launch Link with account_id populated. You can load the account_id that came from step 1 by by clicking "load from last Link session" near the account_id field.

Please contact [email protected] for access to our Developer Dashboard.