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# Test Console

Prior to diving in with development work, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Link in our Test Console. The Link Test Console lives in the [developer dashboard](🔗) and will allow you to create Link tokens and launch Pinwheel Link. The Test Console mimics Link token creation and allows you to see how different configurations affect the front-end UI. If you don't have access to the Developer Dashboard, please contact [[email protected]](🔗).

In Sandbox mode, you must use our Sandbox credentials. Live credentials will not work in Sandbox. In order to test with live payroll credentials, you can use our Development Environment.

# Sandbox Credentials

In Sandbox mode, you can use the following credentials to test Link:

Company ID`company_good`
Email`[email protected]`
Last 4 of SSN`1234`
MFA code`mfa_code`
What street did you grow up on?`pinwheel drive`

\*_For USPS ONLY: Username value is "12345678"_

For providers that support optional multifactor authentication (MFA), use the following credentials to test the MFA flow:

`Email``[email protected]`

To test jobs with an `outcome` of `error`, use the following credentials:

`Email``[email protected]`

To test jobs with an `outcome` of `pending`, use the following credentials:

`Email``[email protected]`

In sandbox mode, jobs with a `pending` outcome will transition to an `error` outcome _60 seconds_ after the Link flow is completed. If you are subscribed to [webhook events](🔗) in Sandbox mode, you will first get an event with a `pending` outcome, followed by an event with an `error` outcome.

_*Note that in production mode, jobs may remain `pending` until they are resolved for up to 24 hours._

# On Demand Updates

On Demand Updates may require user re-authentication before I&E data can be refreshed or a direct deposit switch is performed. The `monitoring_status` of an account will indicate whether a user re-authentication is needed or not. For the sandbox experience, we will focus on `active` and `user_action_required` states.

## Getting started

An existing sandbox account initially connected with one of the following usernames is required before performing an On Demand Update. Each username corresponds to a re-authentication flow.

Re-authentication flow to simulateSandbox username
MFA required`user_mfa`
Credentials required`user_good`
Credentials and MFA required`user_credentials_and_mfa`

## Updating monitoring_status of an Account

The [`PATCH /v1/sandbox/accounts/{account_id}` sandbox-only](🔗) endpoint can be used to simulate an account going into the `user_action_required` state by forcing an account with `monitoring_status = active` to `monitoring_status = user_action_required`

When the `monitoring_status` changes for an account, you will receive an [account.monitoring_status.updated](🔗) webhook event as you would in production. Once an account is in `monitoring_status = user_action_required`, re-authentication is required to get the account back to the `monitoring_status = active` state.

## Simulating On Demand Update Re-authentication

Once the account is in the `user_action_required` state, you can launch [Link with an On Demand Update](🔗) and the experience will simulate what users will see when re-authentication is required for the account.

_*Note that an account in the `active` state will not require re-authentication for On Demand Updates._


Sandbox payroll accounts older than 7 days will default to requiring MFA and not follow the behavior associated with their username.

Please contact [[email protected]](🔗) for access to our [Developer Dashboard](🔗).