Session Timeout Error Code

Added new error code sessionTimeout. This error occurs when the session closes after a period of inactivity, e.g., due to lack of user action.


Direct Deposit Allocation Monitoring

DDA Monitoring released in beta. To support this new feature we've made the following modifications to REST API endpoints and webhook events:


Link Timeout

New Link error code added to the existing invalidUserInput error type. The new code, timedOutWithNoInput will be thrown if the Link modal is left open for 15 minutes with no user input. See the Error documentation page for more details.


Upgrade iOS SDK to 2.3.6

Updated the iOS SDK to 2.3.6 to make accountId a required field in PinwheelSuccessPayload.


New API Version: 2021-07-28

New API version 2021-07-28 released. Version 2021-04-29 is now deprecated and its usage is discouraged in new implementations.


Pending Job Outcome

Added a new job outcome, pending, for Income and Employment jobs.


Required Employer Name for Employment Endpoint

We made the employer_name field required in the response from Get Employment.


Maven Support for Android SDK

We added support for Maven Central Repository distribution to our Android SDK. See the Link SDKs page for more details.


Flutter SDK

We released a Flutter SDK, see the Link SDKs page for more details.


Days Synced Webhook Events for Shifts and Paystubs

We added a set of webhook events for shifts and paystubs that indicate how much data has been synced. See the implementation guide for Employment Data or Webhooks: Paystubs Sync Events for more details.