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Webhook Quota

We have now introduced a quota of 10 registered webhooks per API key. This will not impact existing webhooks, but any requests to create new webhooks after the quota has been reached will return an error response.

Earnings Stream Processed Payouts and New Webhook Event

The earnings stream endpoint now includes mock processed payouts data in the sandbox experience. See the sandbox guide and earnings stream endpoint for more details.


New API Version 2022-09-09

We have launched a new API version: 2022-09-09!


Tax Forms

Tax forms are now out of Beta and launched to General Availability!


Direct Deposit Switch Updates

We have made important updates to our direct deposit switch user flow. The types of switches enabled by the new flow are as follows:


Tax forms (Beta) support

We created a new tax_forms job, which retrieves W-2 and 1099 documents from an end user's payroll account and makes them available via an API. The new API endpoints are Get tax form and List tax forms for a payroll account corresponding with the new tax_forms.added webhook event. To learn more, check out the Tax Forms guide.


New API Version 2022-06-22

We have launched a new API version: 2022-06-22


User Model

You can now incorporate your existing user model into Pinwheel to simplify your integration and improve coverage.


Percentage-based Direct Deposit Switching

Added the following fields to the Employer and Platform resources: