New API Version 2022-06-22

We have launched a new API version: 2022-06-22


User Model

You can now incorporate your existing user model into Pinwheel to simplify your integration and improve coverage.


Percentage-based Direct Deposit Switching

Added the following fields to the Employer and Platform resources:


Added monitoring_status query to GET /accounts

Changed REST API endpoint
GET /v1/accounts
* Added a new optional query parameter monitoring_status which allows an additional way to filter data, now based on the accounts monitoring_status value

Sandbox for On Demand Updates

Sandbox re-authentication testing scenarios are now available for On Demand Updates. To learn more check out the On Demand Updates Sandbox guide

Added and Deleted Shifts and Paystubs in Webhook Payloads

We updated the paystubs.added and shifts.added webhook event payloads with two new fields:


Platform Types

We now designate platforms with a type, which can be one of two values: payroll and time_and_attendance. Almost all platforms are payroll. The platforms that are designated time_and_attendance are those that return shifts data but do not support payroll jobs such as direct_deposit_switch and paystubs. Platforms that support both shifts and payroll jobs are considered payroll platforms.


Add connected to List Accounts endpoint

We added an optional connected query parameter to the List Accounts endpoint.


New API Version: 2022-03-02

We have just released a new API Version: 2022-03-02! Version 2021-07-28 is now deprecated and its usage is discouraged in new implementations.