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API Errors

You may encounter error messages when interacting with Pinwheel's RESTful API.


Looking for a different category of errors?

Pinwheel's system also communicates Job Errors and Link SDK Errors.

These errors are returned in JSON format inside an error object. The type field contains a higher level category of the error and the code field is more specific. The message field contains a human-readable description of the error and is subject to change. For example, an error response to POST /link_tokens could look like:

  "error": {
    "message": "Validation error.",
    "status_code": 400,
    "fields": [{
      "message": "Provided value doesn't match valid format.",
      "name": "routing_number"

There are four different API error types:

Error TypeDescription
RECORD_NOT_FOUNDA requested record could not be found.
UNAUTHORIZED_REQUESTA request was unauthorized.
UNKNOWN_ERRORAn unknown error occurred.

The optional fields attribute holds an array of validation errors. It is human-facing and shouldn't be programatically processed since its structure and content may change arbitrarily. Use type and code as stable fields for programmatic handling.

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