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Pinwheel Taxes provides an easy, instant way to access an end-user's tax forms directly from the source to support use cases like tax estimations, tax filing, income and employment verification, and more. Tax forms are provided in PDF and JSON formats ease-of-use and flexibility.

Common tax forms like W-2 and 1099 are supported with plans to expand support to additional form types.

Use Cases

Tax Forms

  • Tax filing: Reduce friction, user input errors, and document processing with tax forms pulled directly from the source. No need for users to upload their documents or manually input each box.
  • Tax estimation: Use the most recent year's tax form to help users estimate their upcoming tax payments for their 1099 job(s) to avoid IRS penalties.
  • Tax withholdings optimization: Combine tax forms with paystubs data to help users optimize their tax withholdings giving them more money throughout the year rather than a large refund after filing a return.
  • Income & employment verification: Tax forms can be used to verify total earnings, employer/payer details, taxes withheld, and more as part of income & employment verification.