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Company Connect

Unlock payroll connectivity for innovation across Employee Benefit suite, HR Tech, B2B Insurance, and more to enhance data understanding, reduce bottomline spending, and grow your business.

Many businesses require access to employer-level HR & payroll data in order to power their products, but transferring this data can be a significant challenge for both these businesses and their customers. Accessing data via CSV files or SFTPs leads to unscalable processes that are error prone, require manual intervention, and are costly due to high human involvement.

Pinwheel’s Company Connect supports hundreds of platforms so your customers can seamlessly connect their employer payroll and HRIS system to your business. Real-time access to employee roster data takes the burden and risk of managing complex processes so that you can expand your user base.


Company Connect provides a fast and secure way to enable companies to make HR, employment, and income data available to the businesses that serve them–with one integration.

  • Scale your offerings: Onboarding and management of customers often requires dedicated operations specialists, full-time engineers, solutions consultants, and other costly resources that results in small-to-medium companies being underserved in favor of enterprise level organizations in order to justify economics. Company Connect's single API eliminates the need for manual labor, enabling you to expand who you serve.
  • Build high impact products: Close the gap between your customers and employee utilization of your offering by eliminating the friction of cumbersome manual processes and leveraging real-time insights to build more impactful customer experiences.
  • Optimize ROI: Company Connect minimizes the amount of paper-pushing and systems management within your organization, allowing you to improve your bottom line by reducing expenditures on operations and IT.
  • Upgrade compliance & security: By offering secure access to payroll data, Pinwheel ensures the protection of sensitive information, sharing it solely with authorized parties. This enables you to maintain compliance with regulations more easily and avoid errors in reporting sensitive data.