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Pinwheel Link is an end-user facing modal that allows users to search for their employers and payroll providers and seamlessly authenticate with their payroll platform credentials in order to authorize access to their payroll account.

There are several methods for implementing Pinwheel Link. For web application you can embed Pinwheel Link directly into your site. For mobile development we recommend using one of our Link SDKs: React Native, Android, and iOS.


We understand how important it is to have a cohesive user experience, so we’ve made Pinwheel Link highly customizable. All customizations are done via Link token creation. Some of the most notable customizations include:

  • Skipping the Pinwheel intro screen
  • Disabling partial direct deposit switch
  • Language localization

For more information on navigating these customizations please take a look at our Implementation Guide.


Pinwheel provides multiple SDKs for both web and mobile integrations.

Please contact [email protected] for access to our Dashboard.