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Company Connect Landing Page

This guide describes how to guide your customers to log in to their admin payroll account using the Company Connect Landing Page.

Looking to implement the Link modal in your own app, rather than using our landing page? Check out our Using Link for Company Connect

Step 1: Create a Company Connection

Log in to your developer dashboard account. Navigate to the "Connections" panel, click "Create connection", and enter the name of the company you'd like to connect to.

Click "Create new connection". This creates the unique URL or link that you can send to your contact at the target company.

Step 2: Send the link to your contact at the target company

Next, copy this link and send it to the appropriate person at the target company. We recommend taking caution when using email to send the link, because security best-practices rightly advise people not to click links in emails. It is preferred to use a secure channel such as a shared Slack channel or other collaborative communication channel that is protected from unauthorized use.

Note: The user who clicks the link must have access to their company's admin payroll account. This is a privileged account that allows the Admin to add/remove employees and access employment and income information for every employee in the company.

Step 3: The Admin logs in to the admin payroll account

When the Admin at the target company clicks the link, they will be taken to a Pinwheel landing page and guided through logging into their admin payroll account. Once they successfully log in, they're done.