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Earnings Stream

Pinwheel Earnings Stream shows how much someone has earned but has not yet been paid. It updates when there are newly completed shifts and triggers webhooks to alert you of any updates.

Benefits of using Pinwheel Earnings Stream

Use Pinwheel Earnings Stream for:

  • Earned Wage Access: Reduce time-to-money by letting users access their paychecks ahead of standard bi-weekly pay dates.
  • Spend Management/PFM and Engagement Tools: Support users’ healthy spending habits by showing them how much they’ve earned and when their next pay date is.
  • Overdraft Protection: Extend short-term credit lines confident that end users can repay on their next pay date.
  • Credit Limits: Dynamically size credit lines based on your users’ changing income situation.
  • Default Prevention: Proactively defer loan repayments to avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds) errors that send your borrowers into default and increase loss rates.